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104. Starting a Business & Bringing Your Faith Into It

About Sydney:

Sydney Tanner is a wife who is originally from Minnesota, but has relocated to Dallas immediately after getting married. Both she and her husband have fallen in love with the city, particularly the warm weather. Sydney is also the owner of a jewelry business known as 'Hippy Do You.' She began her business six years ago as she was starting college.

Words from the podcast episode:

"I feel like one of the crucial aspects of starting a business is choosing your product and deciding how you're going to produce it, right? Are you going to be the one making it, or will you find a manufacturer to produce your product? For instance, if we take stationery, like paper products, as an example, some entrepreneurs print out all the individual papers for their notepads, glue them together, and make them all themselves. However, you also have the option of outsourcing, which might come with a higher cost. But, again, it's about reducing the time spent on production. Essentially, you're paying employees or a factory, or even a machine, to manufacture your product. In return, you gain more time to focus on other aspects of your business. There's so much to cover within a business."

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