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107. How God Uses EVERY Part of Your Story (even the bad!) For His Glory

About Laila:

Laila is a wife and a mother, as well as a Catholic convert. She also hosts the 'Learning to Mom' podcast, where she educates and informs first-time pregnant women about pregnancy and birth, with the goal of empowering and educating them without being overwhelming.

Words from the Episode:

"As a mom, one lesson the Lord is teaching me is the desire to tightly grip onto my daughter. I want to safeguard her, ensure her happiness, and maintain her health, firmly believing I have control over these aspects. However, the truth is quite different. The Lord gently reminds me that I'm grasping at something beyond my control. It's like I've held my hand in a tight fist, only to realize there's nothing there. Instead, my hand aches from the strain of believing I can control her safety. This lesson applies to many areas of our lives, whether it's our business dreams, relationships, or even personal plans. I, too, once had grand plans to move to London, but now I find contentment as a stay-at-home mom – something I had never envisioned myself doing, and even looked down upon a few years ago. It's a reminder that I had made life needlessly challenging by believing I had control where I never die"

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