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11. How to Find Your True Purpose as a Daughter of God

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Do you believe everyone or everything has a purpose? 

“I definitely believe that the Lord has a purpose for every single person that he created, which is everybody. I believe in one aspect, that we all share a very similar purpose, which is to love other people, to love God, and to glorify God. That's something that we're all called to. But I believe, too, that He creatively created each and every one of us very uniquely. And I believe that He has a purpose for each of us and a plan for each of us. He uses how He created us to do just that. 

Think of your “big purpose” or your vocation. In seasons, it might shift and change. But God is so intimately involved in our lives that He has a purpose for us every single day. Life is not always going to be easy, there will be hard days. It’s not easy to live out the purpose God calls us to each day but when you do you are glorifying God through exactly what he is calling you too. We are all a part of the body of Christ. We all have different talents, abilities, stories, and sufferings. If we start to compare our journeys to someone else’s, we lose sight of what God has.

Do you have any tips to not compare your purpose to somebody else's? 

If you are running my race and I’m constantly looking to the right or the left and seeing what God is doing in their lives. Not only is that going to slow me down, but it’s going to be me so discontent in my own run and I’m not going to see what the Lord actually has for me.

He again has something so unique for me, so unique for you, so unique for every single person who's listening. If I am hoping that my purpose looks like somebody else's, or maybe I am coveting their relationship, their house, their job, or the fact that they have a public platform or whatever it is, then I'm totally missing out on the journey the Lord has for me.

“Know that the Lord's plan for you is good. He has good for you and he has good for other people. But because he gives other people something, it doesn't mean that you don't get it also or that he's taking it from you. You are on a different journey that everyone else around you. Their blessing is not your negative situation. It's not something He's taking from you. It's that He has different purposes for all of us. It's all something that He has perfectly planned out, and it's also something that glorifies Him. And when we walk with Him and we step into that, then we're becoming part of his greater plan for the world.” -Megan

How do we find what God called us to do or what our purpose is? 

“Finding your big picture purpose/vocation is genuinely by doing what He's already called you to every single day. If you are spending time with Him, growing in your relationship with Him, you are obeying Him, you're laying down sin, you're loving other people, all of those things. And every single day you are drawing closer to Him, you're learning what His voice sounds like and just very practically, just following Him and being a good sheep as He's a shepherd in the little things. Then gradually you're going to find that you've been walking in His purpose the entire time and you're going to end up in that big picture purpose.” -Megan 

As you seek Him in the small things you do each day, He will lead you to the bigger purposes in your life. He creatively created you with your own talents, abilities, desires, and passions which all lead into what the Lord has called you to do. If you are struggle to find your identity, you need to step into the gifts and talents God gave you and ask God how you can use those for His glory. By doing this, you will be living out your purpose that God has called you too.

“Be who God made you to be and you will set the world on fire.” -St. Catherine of Siena. This quote is seen all over the place in the Catholic world but if you truly live out WHO you are created to be, you will be living out your God-given daily vocation that He created you to do. For example, when God put the idea of starting my graphic design business on my heart, I deep down inside like, “Sorry God, but I don’t have time for that.” But God was persistent and was constantly reminding me that I have the skills to do so. It was also a secret dream I had in my heart for years, but never let it come to fruition because I didn’t think I was qualified. I finally said yes to God and now I’m running my business full-time which was exactly what God had planned for this season of my life.

What is one piece of advice that you want every known woman to know? 

“Know that the Lord sees you and He has a plan and a purpose for you. When you really start to believe it, it is life changing ahd shapes the way that we live every single moment, every single day. Be diligent in seeking Him. We find what He’s called us to do only because we seek Him, because our purpose is only found in Him. We find peace, love, joy, & all of the fruits of the Holy Spirit only because we seek Him. Sto stay close to Him, seek Him, and know that He does have a plan for you.” -Megan


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