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31. Taking Your Faith from Lukewarm to On Fire

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How do I identify where I am at in my prayer life?

You can identify where you are in your prayer life by asking yourself, “Am I living according to my will or His will? That translates into how you are interacting with people each day and the habits you possess. When you have to make decisions–big or small–are you following the teachings of the church? If you are in a “lukewarm season”, you tend to not ask God for what His will is and instead proceed with how you want. This leads to sinfulness because you are not asking God’s will.

Advice for the woman who wants to be on fire for her faith:

Start with a morning offering.  If you don’t have a daily prayer routine, here is the place to start. Pray a rosary on your daily commute to work. Stop the waiting to start because you feel overwhelmed, just start small with simple prayer in your day. He will take that little seed of faith and grow it like crazy.

Our paths to sainthood are a struggle because of original sin. But we can rejoice in the story of God’s redemption and also learn from those who have walked before us. The saints did not live easy lives and they all had their own struggles while journeying to sainthood. 

Start with small pockets of your day to devote to God. If you struggle to find time to pray, then say a rosary while you do the dishes or the laundry. Turn on Bible in a Year while on a walk or your commute. Everyone has time in their day to grow in relationship with Christ, it’s whether or not you choose to do so.

What is one piece of advice that you want every young Catholic woman to know? 

“We are all to be made in full communion with God, that is how He created us to be. Never allow yourself to be separated from Him. If you feel that you might be, run to the grace of confession. I used to think I could never overcome a particular sin, but once I made it a once a month habit, I’ve been able to receive so many more graces from God.” -Rose


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